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login/{API key}/

Login to the NAITC system and gain access to My Binder. Returns a user identifier for future API calls and a list of the user's My Binder lessons.

Extra Parameters:

Parameter API key
Type 20 character string
Description An authentication key given to developers by national administrators.
POSTParameter username, user, email
Type url-encoded string
Description Username or email identifying a user.
POSTParameter password, pass
Type string
Description Password to a user's account.

HTTP Method


Requires authentication:


Return Format:


Important Notes:

Username/password should be passed via POST. The function returns a "user_identifier", a unique 20 character key that should be saved in the user's session. The identifier is how the API identifies users in later calls. Each time a user logs in, the identifier will be changed to a new 20 character string.

Return Example:



message:Logged in successfully.

result: {...}


mybinder: [...]

0 {...}


title:It's a MOO-stery! (Grades K-2)

purpose:Students will be introduced to the dairy industry and will make observations about how historic tools such as a butter paddle, cheese press, and milk tester can be used to process milk on a dairy farm.

1 {...}

. . .